Megaverse Use Cases

What are some utilities for NFTs and the Metaverse?
Ownership is the foundation of a true metaverse experience. NFTs provide an on-chain certificate of ownership for digital assets. Virtual real estate and digital plots of land not only bring with them potentially limitless possibilities but are purchasable as NFTs. In this, the metaverse is providing a new way of participating firsthand in virtual reality while also yielding real-world benefits.
In todays age of technology we can now buy and earn passive income from metaverse land. The boundaries once held by the real world geography are pushed beyond imagination with the metaverse. This change has allowed consumers to view technology in a different light and they are embracing the change.
“NFTs are a powerful tool for artists, especially since they can be programmed to enable creators to receive blockchain royalties through subsequent sales in the secondary market. These digital assets can also help create a new type of relationship between artists and fans, starting a continuous cycle of interactions that can last for years without the need for any middlemen.” - Gal Yosef