Megaverse Payment Plan

For the first time ever (in the Metaverse) you will be able to make payments on your NFT investment in quarterly payments. This unique plan was put in place in recognition of the current bear market, but also as a statement of intent.
Web3 and the metaverse are the future, and Megaverse plans to play a leading role in the development and mass adoption of this groundbreaking new sphere in the coming years. We are in this for the long-haul and would like to demonstrate this by offering users a payment plan that will run all the way into 2025
Users who take part in the Megaverse payment plan will be able to reserve their Real Estate NFT for 10% of the total purchase price. After that, you will have 9 equal quarterly payments for the remaining balance (each payment is 10% of the total price).
If you know exactly what you want and do not want to wait, you will be happy to hear about our 10% Paid In Full discount. This is exclusive to those that want to pay the total purchase price upfront and don't want to wait around and get to building, exploring, or enjoying everything Megaverse has to offer.