Mega Labs

Our crypto-inspired Megaverse will feature play-to-earn games, live VR-enabled concerts and events, and a sensory experience that will allow users to live a heightened reality where your imagination is the only limit.
Megaverse is much more than a fantastic destination, however. We are now talking to governments, brands, and multinationals in the real world and enabling them to transition into the Web3 future that is coming faster than any of us could have imagined.
Everything from e-commerce to immersive brand experiences will take place in the metaverse and through greater understanding and education widespread adoption will take hold more quickly.
Through MegaLabs, the Megaverse team is now actively accelerating the transition to the future for brands, government entities, and multinationals that might not yet fully understand why the future is heading in a certain direction, but are smart enough to realize that they will prosper by getting their early.
Last modified 3mo ago