Building Metaverse 2.0

Megaverse is a place where people come together to Live, Work, Shop, and Play. From Social lounges to educational centers and sports zones, the digital experiences in our metaverse are the most realistic ever built.
Built completely on Unreal Engine 5, Megaverse is the first hyper-realistic, multipurpose metaverse platform that caters to gamers,brands,multinations and government entities.
Megaverse takes the Metaverse to a whole new level through its hyper-realistic environment, delivering users a heightened, futuristic experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.
Users will be able to create their own world where they can build, own and monetize their experience. Ownership will be a big part of the broader Megaverse ecosystem. Megaverse will offer many experiences for those seeking entertainment, and opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors.
The experiences inside Megaverse will introduce a global audience to a decentralized metaverse that offers entertainment and value in a hyper-reality setting. We are accomplishing this by using Unreal Engine 5 to build our world and everything in it. Unreal Engine 5 will allow us to deliver next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility to the metaverse.
Like many projects, Megaverse is bringing ownership to Metaverse / In Game assets. We are doing this by utilizing the very basic of blockchain technology and providing the following:
Proof of Digital Ownership: With the use of the Ethereum network we will allow our users to tokenize their Megaverse purchases so they can choose whether they'd like to build, sell, gift or trade their items.
Authenticity & Blockchain Security: Everything you build inside Megaverse can (if you choose to do so) be tokenized so that you can trade your items in secondary markets. Of course you’ll be able to sell them in the Mega Marketplace (we’ll have more details on that later.). By tokenizing items you have control over your item and holds its own value regardless of Megaverses performance. Ex: If you make the next great NFT collection inside Megaverse…. Well you can take it off and sell it as you’d like. (we might want to place a bid though).
Cross Chain Use Cases: If you find another game that allows you take ANY items you’ve build inside Megaverse you are free to do so. Did you buy a Mega Mansion but you want that inside another Meta game? Well guess what if they support the build you can do it, there is no more limits to your in game assets.
As we build out the Megaverse more opportunities will arise and so will the opportunities for you to expand and build on other islands.
Mergaverse’s mission is to accelerate this transition and bring the future forward. We will do this by converting at least 1 million of these 4.5 billion social media users into daily metaverse users within the next two years. Over 20 separate lands in Megaverse are named after the most popular cryptos, giving each community its own unique home here.