Building Metaverse 2.0
Mega DAO is a Polygon blockchain-based metaverse experience built to introduce social media users and the world’s most active global communities to the decentralized metaverse.
Megaverse is the cornerstone of the wider Mega DAO Ecosystem, which incorporates MegaFi, Mega NFTs, Mega VR, and Mega Builder.
Today, 4.5 billion of the planet’s 7.9 billion population actively use social media. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular social media icon with over 500 million followers, and even the 50th most popular star, Salman Khan, boasts 135 million fans. In five or ten years, all of this social media activity and fan adoration will occur in the metaverse.
Mergaverse’s mission is to accelerate this transition and bring the future forward. We will do this by converting at least 1 million of these 4.5 billion social media users into daily metaverse users within the next two years.
Initially inspired by the crypto heat map and imagined as a place that would honor and celebrate the people who have made our blockchain and crypto-infused lives a reality, Megaverse will also be a hub for crypto communities. Over 20 separate lands in Megaverse are named after the most popular cryptos, giving each community its own unique home here.
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